IP Subnet Calculator

IP subnet Calculator

Simple and fast Online IP subnet calculator, written on gloang in the backend, you can get the subnet details using wildcard mask, subnet mask or using prefix length. It provides the details about all the available IP address in the subnet, usable IPs, subnet id, network id, and their hex and binary values.

What is subnetting?

Subnetting is a method to divide a broadcast domain into multiple small broadcast. In a LAN vlans are used to divide the bigger broadcast domain to multiple smaller broadcasts. Each broadcast domain is assigned with the separate subnet. To communicate between the broadcast we need a router to do the routing.
An IP address includes a network segment and host segment. Operating system understands the Network portion and host portion of the IP address using the subnet mask. The subnet mask is a contiuous 1's and 0's of binary. For example in binary 11111111.00000000.00000000.00000000, in this first 8 Bits are network portion and remaining bits are host portion. That means in the IP address the 10 is a network part and .0.0.0 is host part. The network part doesnt change and the host part can change for each host. so there are 2 power 24 Host address in this subnet.

Subnets were initially designed for solving the shortage of IP addresses over the Internet.

There are default class for IP addresses.
Class A:
Class B:
Class C:

The subnetting process allows the us to divide a single Class A, Class B, or Class C network number into smaller portions. The subnets can be subnetted again into sub-subnets.
We reduce the size of the broadcast to Reduces the network traffic